le Crocodile Lunch Review

le Crocodile in Vancouver, BC at Suite 100 – 909 Burrard St. (at Smithe)
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Tart made of goat cheese, a hint of tangerine, and topped with sesame seeds
Best part about this was that it was free ― compliments of the chef !
This was nice and flakey.  You can taste the tangerine but it doesn’t take away from the goat cheese flavour.  The sesame seeds were also a nice touch!


‘le Crocodile Classic’ Tomato & Gin Soup (Appetizer #1)
Simple tomato soup is boring, so le Crocodile added some gin to spice things up!


Fresh Pan-Seared Quebec Foie Gras (Appetizer #2)
topped with a Grilled Scallop, in a Calvados Reduction and served with Fresh Cantaloupe
This was one of their specials for today and I actually ordered this by accident.  When the waitress was introducing the lunch specials all I heard was ‘scallop’ and potato’ so I said I wanted this.  I completely missed the main part of the dish, which was the foie gras (French for duck/goose liver).  Duck liver didn’t sound like my cup of tea but it was surprisingly appetizing (and also very filling).

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Hey guys 😀 !

So this Saturday Jess, Jac and I went down to The Center of Performing Arts in Downtown, Vancouver for the Akanishi Jin concert 🙂 (Blog post about that later)

We thought that since we were heading downtown, we would pick up a couple of the famous macarons ! Jess knew this little café on Alberni St. called Thierry so we thought would pay a visit. The restaurant was pretty small, but it was actually pretty full with people drinking coffee at like 10:30pm wtf

Although we were there for macaroons only, they had a lot of sweets like chocolate, cakes, coffee, alcohol.. LOL.

Les Chocolats   //Photo Credit Sankyo
Cute although we didn’t buy any
they look like Purdy’s chocolates but more expensive

(Not to be confused with macaroons!)
//Photo Credit Sankyo

Left to right ; Pistachio, Vanilla, Chocolate Caramel, and Gianduja 

Apparently its macarons but my spell check denies it with a red underline, idk though


Tbh, they were a little too sweet for me and the flavours weren’t exactly my cup of tea
Very chewy and soft though, and fresh !

Don’t know the name of this one, but my camera liked it. 🙂
//Photo Credit Sankyo

They had really yummy looking cakes and deserts but we were getting to-go and it was a bit late so I don’t think anyone was in the mood for cakes at 10:30

I’m assuming that yellow thing is some grapefruit one.

Overall I liked the cafe even though the macarons weren’t amazing. I’ve been wanting to find a nice cafe to sip coffee at 🙂 I’d definitely go there again!
Not so sure about macarons though, maybe I’ll try some other flavours though 😀

-sankyo (Photos) & alice (Opinion)