G-men Ramen @ Richmond

Yesterday G.E.M’s new song “Someday I’ll Fly” released its music video, so my friends and I decided to go to Richmond and have some yumyum ramen at G-MEN to celebrate 😀 (cus those two totally relate…(Naaah actually we just went to enjoy the food there.))

Here is the video by the way. Check it out!

This one’s OK. I like her other songs more. 😀

Spending a whole hour to go to Richmond just to have ramen? Totally worth it.

This is how the restaurant looks like from where I was sitting.The service was excellent. (Don’t read this section if you have something better to do. Just know the service was splendid. Only filling the gap here cus I’m slightly obsessive compulsive. Slightly.) Unlike other restaurants I’ve been to, the people here actually know how to wait/serve and can execute it very well. The whole crew at the restaurant greeted us (Japanese style) when we walked in. The waitress was very polite and charming as she always had a smile on her face. Don’t worry she’s not on her phone. She’s actually taking your order! 🙂 All in all, best service I’ve received in a loooong time.

My friends all ordered Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (Squaaaares don’t just choose the first on the menu! I joke I joke.)If you don’t like it oily, make sure to tell them when you order, though I actually liked the oiliness. OILOILOIL #obnoxioussounds

I ordered Tonkatsu Ae Soba, one of their top selling soupless ramen dishes. First bite, and I’m already lovin’ it. BADABABABA GMEN RAMEN.SO GOOD SO SO GOOD WHY DO I NOT LIVE BESIDE GMEN I WANT RAMEN FROM THERE ALL DAY ERR DAY

Excuse le spaz, here are some other pictures: Continue reading