[Music Journal] SWEAT – Final Project

During spring break, I was at this music production workshop-like thing (called SWEAT) at the Art Institute of Vancouver with some fellow co-bloggers.  At the institute, I was able to familiarize myself with the basics of Apple’s Logic Pro and I was also taught some songwriting tips.

On the third day of the course, we were assigned to produce an original track.  So after learning about things like ABACAB and keys, I started on my very first self-composed piece.

Listen to it here (my favourite part’s the end, so try to listen all the way):

Overall, the experience was very enjoyable and I feel like I learned a lot.  It definitely motivated me to keep exploring the world of music production.

(I also had a really great instructor. His website : http://dbernsteinmusic.com/fr_home.cfm)

my workstation


beautiful desktop wallpaper LOL ;D

– JessHe