最高の人生の終り方~ Ending Planner

*This is not a review*


“Yamashita plays the head of a funeral service shop that deals with bodies brought in by the police, including suicide and murder victims. He reluctantly inherited the shop after his father passed away, but as he learns about the lives of the various deceased people that are brought to him, he begins to mature. Another highlight of the story is his romance with a rookie female detective.” -Drama wiki

So Basically I started this drama cause www.dramacrazy.net gave me it as a recommendation and at first I didn’t know that yamapi was in it. BUT HE IS , SO THATS NICE

So far this drama has aired 9 episodes so I can’t say too much about it
There is only 10 episodes though , so i guess we’ll be seeing the ending soon

First thoughts on the drama

The idea is fairly original I would say. Funeral service shop, i’d think original.
I wouldn’t say i was “hooked” from the start but i wasn’t put off by it and was interested enough to keep going. It does stay at the same pace and doesn’t really pick up yet ( its still airing ) but it definitely doesn’t slow down so if you like it at first, you’ll continue to like it 🙂
I think this drama is more suited for a chillax time, its not really meant to keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense. The plot isn’t very well thoughtout  but its fun to watch 🙂 I can get through without feeling bored.

Ihara Masato Yamashita Tomohisa

Yamashita plays the role of the second eldest in a family of 5 but acts like the eldest.
I like his character in this. Theres the sense of maturity and seriousness combined with a bit of the playfulness of his character in nobuta ( BUT NOT TO THAT EXTENT CAUSE THAT WOULD BE WEIRD )
It feels kinda like his kurosagi character
( If you haven’t watched those dramas, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! )
I don’t wanna say more cause i might ruin some stuff, even though they do tell you pretty all the stuff at Ep.1 Continue reading



Hey guys 😀 !

So this Saturday Jess, Jac and I went down to The Center of Performing Arts in Downtown, Vancouver for the Akanishi Jin concert 🙂 (Blog post about that later)

We thought that since we were heading downtown, we would pick up a couple of the famous macarons ! Jess knew this little café on Alberni St. called Thierry so we thought would pay a visit. The restaurant was pretty small, but it was actually pretty full with people drinking coffee at like 10:30pm wtf

Although we were there for macaroons only, they had a lot of sweets like chocolate, cakes, coffee, alcohol.. LOL.

Les Chocolats   //Photo Credit Sankyo
Cute although we didn’t buy any
they look like Purdy’s chocolates but more expensive

(Not to be confused with macaroons!)
//Photo Credit Sankyo

Left to right ; Pistachio, Vanilla, Chocolate Caramel, and Gianduja 

Apparently its macarons but my spell check denies it with a red underline, idk though


Tbh, they were a little too sweet for me and the flavours weren’t exactly my cup of tea
Very chewy and soft though, and fresh !

Don’t know the name of this one, but my camera liked it. 🙂
//Photo Credit Sankyo

They had really yummy looking cakes and deserts but we were getting to-go and it was a bit late so I don’t think anyone was in the mood for cakes at 10:30

I’m assuming that yellow thing is some grapefruit one.

Overall I liked the cafe even though the macarons weren’t amazing. I’ve been wanting to find a nice cafe to sip coffee at 🙂 I’d definitely go there again!
Not so sure about macarons though, maybe I’ll try some other flavours though 😀

-sankyo (Photos) & alice (Opinion)

[Music Journal] Day 1 – When the Door Closes

Hello readers!

Since I’ll be participating in a music creation workshop during spring break, I thought I’d create a little “music journal” to document my improvement and the general process.
I hope I go through with this.  

So this is basically what my Friday night amounted to…
I started working on reproducing a song, which is always a good place to start if you’re new to music production, which I am.

The song I chose was When the Door Closes by B2ST’s Dongwoon and Doojoon.
I chose this song because, well, I already had the piano music for it so I didn’t have to figure out the notes by ear LOL.

Listen to the original song here:

Now I tried to make my version almost identical to the original, but I don’t have the kind of software and equipment, nor skill, to replicate the song exactly.  I tried my best.
The video will show you the general process I went through to make this, and the final product.  However, this doesn’t show you the fine-tuning I have to do—that would be too painfully boring to watch.

AND, before you listen to my version please note the follow:

  1. I play the piano for fun. I quit piano lessons about… 3 years ago? So please excuse the bad “hand posture”
  2. I’m a so-called n00b at music production.  Self-learning at the moment. Hopefully I’ll see improvement after I’m done the music production course at the Art Institute.
  3. My editing software was being a bitch and lagging like hell. So I didn’t edit the video as well as I had hoped. (Had to use YouTube annotations).
    And the editing software was probably laggy because I didn’t actually buy it… 
  4. I’m not actually done.  There’s still lots to this song that I haven’t added.  Might continue it and update on that later.
  5. The end, where the “final product” is shown, is really boring because I couldn’t find footage to accompany the song so I just used the shots I used in the beginning intro.
  6. As you will see, the vocal part for this song is missing.  And the reason for this is that, quite frankly, I have the voice of an angelic donkey.  So you can add your own vocals while you listen at the end, if you know the song 😀


Link to sheet music used: http://www.4shared.com/office/njf-EV4L/Doojoon__Dongwoon_-_When_The_D.html

password : kdwakbo

– JessHe

Kalvin’s Szechuan Restaurant 松林居 {Restaurant Review}

Sup Y’all. So, it was my mother’s birthday yesterday and I made a reservation at Kalvin’s Szechuan Restaurant for my family and a family friend and his kids.

I’ll lay it all down for you all first so you guys looking for a quick review don’t have to go through all my shiny photos and shit at the bottom!


What I liked (Pros)

  • The food was authentic! (By the way, I never understood why he named it Szechuan, as pointed out by Jacqueline… it’s taiwanese food okay. :l)
  • It was clean, and the washrooms aren’t terrible.
  • It has a nice atmosphere.
  • Dishes are worth their price.
  • Waiters are nice. (There’s this one that really looks like my mother’s sister and she’s super duper kind :3 Wears glasses and talks in a slightly high voice. look for her.)
  • The owner of the restaurant comes out sometimes to socialize. (He’s a bit crazy but he’s cool. Actually, he’s my classmate’s dad! I never knew until a year ago.) Everytime I go to eat, somehow the owner always comes over to chat. LOL

What I didn’t like (Cons)

  • Why is it so damn far? it’s located on Victoria Dr. and it takes me forever to get there. Even thought I’m only sitting in the backseat… not driving.
  • It’s really really small. The mirrors give an illusion of a large restaurant, but in reality it’s actually really small. They’ve renovated but the size has never changed.
  • The seats of one table often bump into another table :c a n n o y i n g y o
  • There isn’t a back parking, and not really much of a front parking either.

So yeah… I definitely recommend it, from a Taiwanese person’s perspective. I don’t go there a lot but I’m always satisfied whenever I do! (Plus, the owner’s wife gives us discounts… pwahaha.)

They just need to get a bigger restaurant someday! 😀