le Crocodile Lunch Review

le Crocodile in Vancouver, BC at Suite 100 – 909 Burrard St. (at Smithe)
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Tart made of goat cheese, a hint of tangerine, and topped with sesame seeds
Best part about this was that it was free ― compliments of the chef !
This was nice and flakey.  You can taste the tangerine but it doesn’t take away from the goat cheese flavour.  The sesame seeds were also a nice touch!


‘le Crocodile Classic’ Tomato & Gin Soup (Appetizer #1)
Simple tomato soup is boring, so le Crocodile added some gin to spice things up!


Fresh Pan-Seared Quebec Foie Gras (Appetizer #2)
topped with a Grilled Scallop, in a Calvados Reduction and served with Fresh Cantaloupe
This was one of their specials for today and I actually ordered this by accident.  When the waitress was introducing the lunch specials all I heard was ‘scallop’ and potato’ so I said I wanted this.  I completely missed the main part of the dish, which was the foie gras (French for duck/goose liver).  Duck liver didn’t sound like my cup of tea but it was surprisingly appetizing (and also very filling).


Grilled Wild BC Salmon (Main Course #1)
served with a light Saffron Velouté Sauce and sauté of Calamaris 
The salmon was nice and juicy and the sauce really complemented the fish’s savoury flavour.  I think the green stuff was mashed potato or something like that.  Either way, it was delish!


Seared Scallops with Black Linguini (Main Course #2)
Lemon Sage Beurre Blanc
This wasn’t as good as the others but it was still relatively tasty and definitely unique.


Top to bottom: pear sorbet, some potato thing, chocolate
Best part about these three? Complimentary. 

Overall, the food was superb, the service was fantastic (though our bread came a little slowly and we had to ask but that’s alright), the atmosphere was comfortable and the place wasn’t dreadfully crowded or empty.  Given that everything met my expectations and beyond, I will probably visit this place again with my dad some time for dinner.  As an added bonus, it wasn’t overwhelmingly expensive either.  For two people, the price came to about a reasonable $85 with tips and tax included.  This place is definitely worth your time and money!



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– Jess

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